TSO Operations and System Responsibility


Gasum Oy is the Finnish transmission system operator (TSO) for the natural gas transmission network and the operator assigned with system responsibility in Finland. The duties of the TSO include the following:

  • The TSO determines the level of system reliability to be maintained in the natural gas transmission network, maintains the related system technology requirements in accordance with national planning codes, and agrees on methods and policies to secure the technical functioning of the system with parties operating within the natural gas system.

  • The TSO sees to the maintenance of natural gas transmission network pressure for each balancing period. The duration of the balancing period is one hour.

  • For the purpose of regulation during balancing periods, the TSO organises the usable regulation capacity (such as compression) needed for regulation that takes place during each balancing period and organises capacity employment in an efficient and appropriate manner.

  • The TSO calculates the national natural gas balance and the open suppliers’ natural gas balance in accordance with the Government Decree on the Natural Gas Market (622/2000) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry Decree on information exchange related to natural gas trading and balance management (974/2000) to obtain the balance deviation between the natural gas importer and the open suppliers and the balance deviation between Finland and other countries for each balancing period.

  • The TSO is responsible for transmission control, network functioning in normal conditions and operation control within the natural gas transmission system managed by the TSO.

  • The TSO ensures the technical functioning of the network during any disturbance incidents and during periods when gas replacing natural gas is transmitted and sees to disturbance response and the restoration to normal of the natural gas transmission system.

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) was founded on 1 December 2009 and has several gas TSOs from around Europe as members. As the Finnish TSO, Gasum participates in ENTSOG’s activities at the general level, including:

  • reporting on transmission network information, such as the Ten Year Net Development Plan (TYNDP) and the Winter & Summer Outlook

  • publication of information: Transparency Platform

  • formulation of network codes

  • working group meetings

ENTSOG formulates network codes for gas transmission networks that are harmonised at the EU level and binding to all gas transmission companies.
The network codes are based on guidelines prepared by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

For the time being derogation has been determined for Finland on the basis of Finland’s isolated market concerning compliance with the codes. The harmonised network codes will play an important role when the Finnish gas transmission network becomes integrated into the European gas network. This may take place via the Balticconnector pipeline. Integration will also mean an end to the derogation, and Finland will have to start applying the network codes.