Permissions for land use in gas pipeline area


The most typical accident relating to natural gas is a natural gas distributing pipeline being damaged by excavating machinery. At Gasum it is our duty to make sure that living and working near the natural gas pipeline network is safe.

To ensure safety and prevent accidents, there are restrictions on land use near natural gas pipelines.

We provide instructions and supervise any excavation or extraction work taking place near the natural gas network. We also provide assistance in the event of any leaks or accidents.

If you are planning land use near a gas pipeline, contact us preferably three working days before your scheduled workday on 020 44 78713.

A Gasum supervisor will visit you on-site and show you the location of the pipeline free of charge. If safety can be ensured, you will receive permission to cross the pipeline or conduct excavation work.

Contact us if you are planning:

  • to cross the gas pipeline with a heavy vehicle on soft or weak ground

  • any storage on the pipeline

  • earthworks within five meters from a gas pipeline

  • blasting or extraction work within 30 meters or extensive extraction work within 100 meters from a gas pipeline

  • to construct a building within 30 meters from a gas pipeline or within 100 meters from an anode field

  • an amendment to a land use plan near a gas pipeline

  • structures conducting electricity (water pipe, drainage pipe, land cable, etc.) in contact with the ground within 30 meters from a gas pipeline.

Statement procedure concerning activities near gas pipelines

If you are planning activities that will change the conditions that existed during gas pipeline construction or may cause vibration to a gas pipeline, contact us to find out if the statement procedure will be required.  In the statement procedure, issues ensuring the safety of the gas pipeline will be determined, agreed upon and archived.