Statement requests


If you are planning activities near a gas pipeline, you will need to find out whether or not your plans require the statement procedure. In the statement procedure, issues ensuring the safety of the gas pipeline will be determined and agreed upon. This also helps ensure compliance with Government decree 551/2009 concerning safety in the handling of natural gas.

The most cost-efficient approach is to contact Gasum as soon as the project or construction planning stage begins. This will facilitate issues such as the selection of work methods and materials. You can also contact your local building control authority for more information.

Requests for statement must be made in writing and include the following, as appropriate:

  • the applicant's contact details

  • information about the site to be constructed: city/municipality, address and the details of the gas pipeline signpost closest to the site

  • project schedule

  • references to previous contacts

  • initial inspections and other measures

  • information about what is being planned or constructed near the pipeline

  • the project plans, maps, etc.

  • should primarily be submitted as PDF files.

the format of the permission application is free or you can use the application form below

Natural gas pipeline safety distances

Buildings not part of the gas pipeline system are divided into groups A and B

Group A public buildings intended for multiple users:

premises intended for sleeping accommodation (hotels, hospitals, residential care homes), for gatherings (schools, cinemas, mass merchandisers), and residential buildings (blocks of flats); installations manufacturing, storing or using explosives; installations handling or storing hazardous chemicals industrially.

Group B domestic properties (houses, terraced houses);

workplace buildings; non-residential buildings regularly occupied by people; separate fenced-off areas.