Did you know that Gasum together with the subsidiary Skangas is the biggest producer of liquefied natural gas in the Nordic countries?

LNG – clean energy for the Nordic countries


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) brings the benefits of gas also to areas outside the gas pipeline network throughout the Nordic countries. Liquefaction of gas reduces its volume and enables the flexible transport and storage of gas on land and at sea.

LNG is available for use in industrial processes, and clean flue gases can be utilized for purposes such as heating, drying and food production.

In addition to industrial uses, LNG offers a clean fuel solution for shipping and heavy-duty road transport. LNG is the most environmentally friendly shipping fuel. Its use does not result in any sulfur oxide emissions and it meets the stricter emission targets set for nitrogen oxide, particulate and carbon dioxide emissions.

Gasum is developing the Nordic LNG market actively with its subsidiary Skangas. Finland’s first LNG import terminal was opened in Pori in August 2016. The Pori terminal develops and diversifies the Finnish energy market and also provides off-grid customers outside the gas pipeline network access to the benefits of gas.

Learn more about Skangas

The Gasum subsidiary Skangas is the leading player in the Nordic LNG market. The company supplies LNG for shipping, industrial and heavy-duty road transport needs. Read more at Skangas website.

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Finland’s first LNG terminal

Finland’s first LNG import terminal was opened by Gasum and Skangas in Pori in September 2016. The new terminal expands the Finnish gas market also to areas outside the gas pipeline network and offers solutions for maritime and heavy-duty road transport.