Did you know that natural gas accounts for around 8% of Finland’s energy production?

Use of natural gas in Finland


Natural gas is the cleanest fossil energy source as its combustion does not create any sulfur or heavy metal emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas are also clearly lower than from oil or coal. In Finland natural gas is used in combined heat and power (CHP) production in particular. Due to increases in taxation, in recent years the use of natural gas has been reduced in Finland’s large cities and been replaced by fuels such as coal.

Uses of natural gas

Natural gas covers around 8% of Finland's energy consumption. In addition to combined heat and power (CHP) production, another important use for natural gas is industrial production processes. Natural gas burns cleanly and does not require any storage capacity, making it a popular energy form for industry.

Residential use of natural gas is focused on Helsinki where gas is used for cooking by around 30,000 homes. Natural gas is also used for property heating. In addition, many Helsinki restaurants use natural gas supplied by Gasum.

Gas vehicles can be filled up on road fuel gas processed from natural gas at Gasum’s gas filling stations. Natural gas is the least expensive road vehicle fuel.



Natural gas is a natural energy gas that consists of almost pure methane and is lighter than air. Natural gas does not contain any heavy metals and only a very small amount of sulfur. Natural gas is odorless, colorless and non-toxic. To ensure safety and to detect any gas leaks, natural gas is odorized during its processing.

Natural gas is sourced from natural gas and oil deposits as well as shale rock found deep in the earth’s crust in terrestrial and maritime areas.

Today natural gas can be replaced by 100% Finnish renewable biogas that is upgraded to a composition corresponding to natural gas. Biogas is one of the energy forms of the future.