Naboinformasjon Dynea (NO)

Gasum customer terminal at Dynea

Dynea Lillestrøm

Dynea AS
Svelleveien 33, 2004 Lillestrøm / P.O. box 160, 2001 Lillestrøm, Norway
Tel: +47 63897100
Emergency No.: +47 90529162

Gasum customer terminal at Dynea


The Gasum customer terminal at Dynea is supplying clean fuel for the Dynea production process. The terminal is situated at an industrial park operated by Dynea AS and contains a number of companies, ranging from pharmaceutical to logistics and distribution businesses.

Dynea's biological waste water treatment plant and the energy centre represent the core of the site’s infrastructure. The waste water treatment plant is a large scale plant able to handle all waste created by Dynea and their tenants. The energy centre utilises gases and distillates from production as fuel, in addition to electricity and LNG.