Gasum liquefaction plant in Risavika

Kontinentalveien 36
N-4056 Tananger

Roy Kenneth Skår

Plant Manager
+47 475 09 208

Asbjørn Folvik

Environmental and energy contact
+47 475 09 062

Gasum liquefaction plant in Risavika


The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production plant in Risavika, Sola municipality, has a production capacity of 300,000 tonnes LNG/ year. There is also a LNG bunkering facility for marine customers linked to the plant. 

Natural gas is brought to the LNG plant by a subsea pipeline system from the Kårstø processing plant. The Kårstø processing plant in Northern Rogland plays a key role in the transport and processing of gas and condensate/light oil from major sites on the Norwegian continental shelf. 

At the LNG plant the gas first passes through a cleansing process where CO2 and water are separated out. Thereafter the gas is piped through the plant, which in principle functions in the same way as a freezer. Here, the natural gas is cooled down to approximately 163°C below zero and changes into liquid form.

The liquid natural gas is stored at atmospheric pressure in a large full containment tank, designed for up to 28,000 m3 of LNG. From the storage tank, LNG is loaded on board ships or trucks for transport to customers.