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Solving the future of energy

Mirjam Scheinin works as a lawyer at Gasum specialising in issues related to the energy sector. Issues concerning energy production are among the most crucial matters that need to be solved to combat climate change.

What is your educational background?

I have a Master’s degree in law from the University of Turku. I have always been interested in nature but chose to study law because it presented me with various alternative career paths. During my studies I became interested in environmental law and issues concerning energy, and oriented my study choices accordingly.

How did you end up working for Gasum?

When I graduated from university, it was clear that I wanted to work in the energy industry, because issues concerning energy and its production are among the major questions that need to be solved to combat climate change. I knew about Gasum and their operations, so when I got the chance to work for them in autumn 2018, it was quite natural for me to seize the opportunity.

How has Gasum helped you grow in your current role?

I’m in charge of legal matters in Gasum’s Gas & Power Sales unit. My work has taught me a great deal about the energy industry. Even though I worked with similar issues in my previous job at a law firm, the subject matter becomes more familiar when working inside the industry. Seeing firsthand that Gasum’s solutions are relevant for a cleaner future makes my job rewarding.

What would people find surprising about working at Gasum?

My work is very international. Even though the whole legal team works at our headquarters in Espoo, Finland, I am constantly cooperating with my Nordic colleagues. On the other hand, it is natural that our work is international, because the reduction targets for emissions don’t just concern Finland but the whole world.