We are committed to promoting sustainability

We are determined to operate as a responsible corporate citizen and contribute to sustainable development together with our partners and stakeholders. We have made public commitments to promote themes that we find important.

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Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Expanding the biogas market to the terawatt-hours range at the annual level in Finland by 2025.Investing in the development of the low-emission road fuel gas market by increasing the supply of road fuel gas significantly in the key demand areas in Finland.

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Climate Partners

Promoting the circular economy, moving towards a carbon-neutral society and producing, marketing and selling biogas for transport, industry, heat and power production, and homes.Promoting opportunities to utilize renewable biogas in energy production and public transport in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in cooperation with our partners.Providing sustainable marine fuel solutions for the Baltic Sea by developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) logistics and supply chain.

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Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG)

Creating opportunities for the use of a clean fuel − liquefied natural gas (LNG) − as a shipping fuel.Developing a concept that enables the production of safe recycled nutrients from sewage sludge.

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Zero Accident Forum

Improving our occupational safety in the workplace as a joint undertaking between our management and employees.Maintaining health and safety at work as part of the overall efficiency of our operations.Reporting the required health and safety data annually to the Zero Accident Forum.

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Responsible Care

Gasum has made a commitment to the chemical industry’s international Responsible Care program supporting sustainability. The key themes of the program are:
sustainable use of natural resources, sustainability and safety of production and products, wellbeing of employees, and open dialog and cooperation.

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Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries

Companies that have joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries under the Energy-Intensive Industry Action Plan commit themselves to: improving the efficiency of their energy use and incorporating the Energy Efficiency System into their management systems.