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All contractors are expected to complete an introduction training for occupational safety and the Gasum way of working. 


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Safety and security are cornerstones of Gasum’s operations


As a Finnish expert in the gas sector, Gasum bears responsibility for safety and security throughout the sector all the way up to end users. Gasum’s safety and security work objective is to eliminate all damage and accidents in our activities as well as in the end use of natural energy gases.

Gasum’s safety and security work concerning natural gas is founded on the following basic pillars:

  • maintaining a well-functioning and reliable natural gas transmission and distribution system

  • ensuring the safe use of gas appliances

  • employing competent operating staff

  • providing continuous training and information.

Special attention has been paid to natural gas safety throughout the history of gas usage in Finland. Our safety work has been highly successful: natural gas has not caused any fatal accidents in Finland.

To ensure safety, there are restrictions on land use near natural gas pipelines. Regardless of this, the most typical incident relating to natural gas is damage to a gas pipeline caused by excavating machinery.

If you are planning work in the vicinity of a natural gas pipeline, please make sure you know and follow the relevant guidelines and procedures.

Safety data sheet, Natural Gas and Biogas (pdf)

LNG/LBG - Liquefied natural gas and liquefied biogas safety data sheet (pdf)

We ensure supply security

Under the Finnish Natural Gas Market Act, Gasum as the Finnish transmission system operator (TSO) has system responsibility on the basis of which Gasum is obliged to safeguard the supply of gas to customers.

The supply security of natural gas has remained excellent for decades. New opportunities relating to supply security will also be provided by the creation of the Nordic gas ecosystem. Finnish biogas can be injected into the gas pipeline network, while the advantage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is its storability.

Therefore the majority of natural gas consumption can be quickly covered by alternative fuels in the event of a disturbance. Unforeseen supply disruptions are very rare, and the most common reason for any temporary supply interruptions is scheduled maintenance or connection work.

See our Corporate responsibility report for more information.

Gasum's occupational health and safety objective is zero accidents and zero incidents

All employees at Gasum are provided with introduction training for occupational safety and the Gasum way of working. To achieve a safe working environment, every employee needs to take personal responsibility and activity in safety.