Corporate responsability program

At Gasum we have summed up our values in a single proposition: “Purposefully and responsibly moving towards new opportunities.” For us responsibility means taking economic, social and environmental responsibility into account. In our Corporate Responsibility Program we have summarized our key corporate responsibility issues into four themes and related objectives.

Carbon-neutral future and innovations

  • Emission-reducing solutions

  • Expansion of the gas market

  • Development of new business models and partnerships

  • Competitiveness of gas


  • Targeting R&D to increase biobased production and improve energy efficiency

  • Expanding the biogas market to the terawatt-hours range at the annual level in Finland by 2025

  • Creating new business partnerships and utilizing new technologies

Better society with our stakeholders

  • Openness, transparency and active dialog

  • Investments and taxes

  • Personnel wellbeing and competences


  • Investing in the Nordic countries and contributing towards strengthening the national trade balance

  • Developing our competences in order to implement our strategy in a changing operating environment

Forerunner in safety and supply security

  • Promoting safe use of gas

  • Corporate and personnel security

  • Supply reliability


  • Achieving zero injuries and accidents at work

  • Achieving zero unforeseen delivery disruptions in gas supply

Understanding life-cycle impacts

  • Supply chain efficiency and impacts

  • Product use impacts

  • Supplier responsibility


  • Promoting the transition to a low-carbon society

  • Achieving through energy saving actions a reduction of 7.5% from the 2015 level in energy consumption by 2025

  • Ensuring the realization of responsibility in the supply chain together with our suppliers