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Family Ghanshyam Gurjar in India

Gasum donating a biogas plant to five Indian families. Thanks to the biogas plant, the women of the families will spend much less time gathering firewood, since gas will replace wood for cooking. The air they breathe will also improve, because there will no longer be flue gases inside from burning wood and manure.

I am Ghanshyam Gurjar sun of Natthu Singh Gurjar, a resident of Gaddarwara village. There are 6 people in my family and 10 Cattle, whom we take care of. The energy needs of the family and the cattle has been fulfilled by approximately 100 quintals of firewood annually, year after year. One day, Mr. Munna Lal Yadav (Project Leader) from Humana People to People India visited me and explained about usage and benefits of cooking using Bio Gas technology. It seemed as one of the many schemes that people keep coming up with, in order to make money. I myself had witnessed a Biogas plant in Bhandarejv illage, which was constructed by Government and is now defunct.

                                                 Picture: UFF

After two days, Mr. Munna Lal visited me again and explained about benefits in detail, that the plant will bring about reduction in smoke inside the Kitchen and will lead to better health of the women in the house. He also explained about the financial savings accrued by using Bio Slurry as an organic manure on the 3 Hectare land that we possess.On the same day, he took me to visit a Biogas Plant made by Humana People to People India in Kirtanpura village for Luxman Gurjar’s family, which was started giving gas 4 months back. On asking Luxman about his experience with the Biogas plant, he shared that the plant is functioning smoothly and there is a remarkable reduction in the smoke inside the kitchen. He also shared that he is happy about his decision. His words boosted my confidence, which was topped by Munna Lal’s words of assurance.

I discussed the case with my family, and all of us collectively wanted a Biogas plant constructed. The pit digging has started for the plant construction and we are completely convinced that the Bio Gas Plant, which will be made by Humana People to People India with support from Gasum will work properly and add a lot of value to our family.