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Sustainable development calls for competitive and low-carbon energy solutions – Gasum Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 published

Low-emission and cost-effective gas solutions play a key role in efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral society. In line with its new strategy and corporate responsibility objectives, Gasum contributes to the creation of a sustainable energy economy by increasing the supply of Finnish biogas, developing the Nordic energy ecosystem and ensuring the price competitiveness of gas.

The year 2014 marked the 40th anniversary of Finland gaining access to a new source of energy – natural gas. The year saw Gasum renew its strategy, the heart of which is formed by the promotion of sustainable development through cleaner energy solutions.  At the same time Gasum set its sights beyond Finland: following the Skangass acquisition, Gasum now operates in Sweden and Norway as well. The long-term objective is to build a pan-Nordic gas ecosystem enabling the economies of scale of a large operating area, the generation of new innovations, and the development of competitive and intelligent gas solutions.

In the strategy renewal context, Gasum also examined its operations from the corporate responsibility perspective. The company determined the most important corporate responsibility themes providing the framework for Gasum’s responsibility work and for objectives from the business as well as stakeholder perspective. The themes selected are innovations and the future, playing a positive role in society, supply security and safety, and the value chain. Through these themes, Gasum seeks to create new and innovative gas solutions, maintain an open dialog with stakeholders and society, promote equality and wellbeing in the workplace community, improve the supply security of gas, and reduce the environmental impacts of operations throughout the value chain.

Solid grounds for safeguarding gas competitiveness

According to Gasum, wellbeing in society calls for reasonably priced energy that helps minimize the burden on the environment. Gas plays an important role in the move toward a carbon-neutral society. In its Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050 published in autumn 2014, the Finnish Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate recommended that the use of natural gas be secured during the period of transition toward lower-emission technologies due to its versatility and low emission levels.

Gasum studied the greenhouse gas emissions of natural gas throughout the supply chain in 2014. The carbon dioxide emissions of natural gas are clearly lower than those of coal and peat, which is why the use of gas should be promoted through measures such as energy taxation. The LNG terminal projects of the Gasum subsidiary Skangass enable the utilization of natural gas outside the gas pipeline network as well, providing enterprises with new cost-effective ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Improved choice provided by Finnish biogas

Gasum expanded the supply of Finnish biogas with new cooperation projects in 2014. The opening of the biogas production and upgrading facility in Kujala, Lahti, increased Finland’s biogas production by 50 GWh. Gasum offers biogas – a fuel equal to natural gas in terms of operating characteristics – to all natural gas network customers as well as for use as a vehicle fuel. The switch from natural gas to biogas does not require any additional investments.

Consistent approaches and measurable targets

Gasum also expects responsibility and compliance with the same principles from its employees. Published at the beginning of 2015, Gasum’s Code of Conduct covers the ethical, environmental, personnel as well as stakeholder perspectives. Another important goal in the development of responsibility work is to make aims and actions concrete and measurable. Therefore in 2014 Gasum adopted reporting in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and used external assurance for the most important indicators. The aim is to further develop reporting, with the Gasum subsidiary Skangass included in the reporting for 2015.

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