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Gasum donates a biogas planat to family Umed Singh Gurjar

Gasum donating a biogas plant to five Indian families. Thanks to the biogas plant, the women of the families will spend much less time gathering firewood, since gas will replace wood for cooking. The air they breathe will also improve, because there will no longer be flue gases inside from burning wood and manure.

I am Umeed Singh Gurjar, son of Shri Ghanna Ram Gurjar resident of village Gaddarwada in Bandikuin block of Dausa district in Rajasthan. I live with my family of seven members, comprising of my mother, wife and 4 children. We owe 8 cattle’s and 2.5 hectares of land for farming; and due to lack of any formal education amongst the members, the family is completely dependent upon agriculture and animal husbandry for livelihood. My wife and daughters spent most of their time in managing household chores. Due to their exhaustive daily schedule, my daughters were left with very little time for studies that often resulted in the poor academic performance. Furthermore, cooking with the conventional methods used to take more time and caused physical stress as they had to collect fuel wood from the forest as well as make the dung cakes.

One day project coordinator of HPPI informed me about their ongoing Biogas plant project that has been implemented with the support of Gasum and discussed the importance of biogas plant for a family in terms of clean and smokeless environment in the kitchen, which is healthy for the women cooking food and it also saves time. After being convinced about the technology, a 2 cubic meter biogas plant was constructed at my house in April, 2015. Through this plant, my wife is now able to complete all kitchen related task with ease, without seeking much help of my daughters, thus they contribute the time saved towards their education, adding to raise the standards of education in the family. In addition, my wife has also started assisting me in agriculture and rearing of the animals. Also, our kitchen has become a smoke free place, which has made the task of cooking much easier and the smoke caused earlier resulted in darkening the walls of the kitchen, which does not happen now.

Therefore, I am eternally thankful to HPPI and Gasum to have introduced my family to biogas technology and further expects their support for upliftment of rural community.