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Gasum gearing up for digital leap at HackTheGas – coders to utilize gas network data this weekend in Kouvola, Finland

The gas company Gasum is looking for new digital innovations at the HackTheGas event organized in Kouvola, Finland, from October 30 to November 1, 2015. During the weekend, 13 application developer teams will be able to utilize data opened by Gasum. The aim set for the teams is to come up with innovative solutions and develop new customer-oriented services.

Hosted by Gasum and IndustryHack, almost 40 coders and application developers have been selected for the HackTheGas hackathon to look for new innovative digital solutions and services for Gasum. The event will take place at the Gasum Natural Gas Center in Kouvola.

”The digital revolution is a megatrend affecting our company’s operating environment. HackTheGas is an excellent opportunity for us to find new solutions utilizing digitalization that promote sustainable development and the building of the Nordic gas ecosystem,” says Sari Siitonen, Gasum Vice President for Sustainability and Innovations.

”HackTheGas is the first IndustryHack hackathon directly related to the energy infrastructure. This is a very unique opportunity to access energy network data including gas consumption data, geographic information and fault reports,” says Mikael Hautala, Co-founder of IndustryHack.

Award for best solution

The most innovative solution will receive a €2,000 award on Sunday.

”The teams have no previous experience in the energy sector, which means their problem-solving won’t be restricted by old operating models. A developer may, for example, create an application for improved safety that allows gas pipeline locations to be viewed virtually through the ground. That way excavating machinery operators will know exactly where the pipes run,” Mikael Hautala from IndustryHack envisions.

The novel innovation experiment has also inspired other players to join in. ”The digital service design company SC5 has helped us create the interfaces to make the data available to the teams, while the telecommunications company Elisa and developer device and platform manufacturer Thingsee have provided the teams with access to their development platforms,” says Sari Siitonen from Gasum.

The event can be followed during the weekend on Gasum’s YouTube channel and Facebook page as well as on Twitter under the hashtag #hackthegas.

For further information please contact:

Sari Siitonen Vice President, Sustainable Development and Innovations, Gasum Phone +358 20 44 78 606, firstname.surname(a)

Mikael Hautala Co-founder, IndustryHack
Phone +358 50 3227 007, firstname(a)