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Gasum is donating a biogas plant to family Hera Lal Gurjar in India

Gasum donating a biogas plant to five Indian families. Thanks to the biogas plant, the women of the families will spend much less time gathering firewood, since gas will replace wood for cooking. The air they breathe will also improve, because there will no longer be flue gases inside from burning wood and manure.

I am Hera Lal Gurjar son of Shri Shyonath Gurjar resident of village Gaddarwada. I have a family of six members and we owe 5 cattle and 2.5 Hectares of land. We conventionally cook our food using fuel wood and dung cakes, which gives lots of smoke while cooking and has affected my wife with eye and respiratory problems. Also, it causes physical stress as they have to collect fuel wood from the forest and make the dung cakes.

One day in January, a worker of HPPI, Munna Lal Yadav visited my house. He told us about HPPI and the Biogas Project. He told about the importance of Biogas Plant for a family in terms of clean and smokeless environment in the kitchen, which is healthy for the women cooking food and other aspects of health benefits. He also told us and how we can save environment and money of the family.

Munna Lal also took me for a visit to a Biogas Plant at the house of Luxman Gurjar in Kiratpura village. After the visit and speaking to the farmer, I was confident about the Biogas Plant and made up my mind to establish one at my house. Even, I have ordered building material, which will come by 16th of February 2015 and after that I will get the construction work started.