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Gasum is launching biogas label through national marketing campaign

Gasum is launching its trademark biogas label through a national marketing campaign in Finland. Implemented in partnership with Kouvolan Lakritsi, Marwe, Myllyn Paras, Paulig and Yrjö Wigren, the launch campaign ads will be seen in October-November on TV as well as online.

The biogas label communicates to consumers that the product was made with 100% Finnish biogas. The label aims to promote sustainable development by providing consumers with the power to influence the production cycle of products. The right to carry the biogas label will only be awarded to products and product groups made with biogas or services in the production of which biogas is utilized. 

For further information please contact:

Mette Murto, Marketing Coordinator, Gasum Ltd
Phone +358 20 44 78524, firstname.surname(a)