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HelB gas buses to run on biogas in Helsinki Metropolitan Area

The bus company Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (HelB) will switch to environmentally friendly and 100% Finnish biogas made from biodegradable waste to fuel its gas buses operating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area during 2016.

Following a competitive bidding process for an environmental bonus, biogas was selected by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) for Helsinki region bus services. Once the region’s 22 gas buses are running on biogas, there will be a 1,367 tonne cut in carbon dioxide emissions.

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area gas bus fleet will become more environmentally friendly in 2016. The bus company Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (HelB) will use biogas made from Finnish waste to replace natural gas as a bus fuel. The amount of energy supplied under the biogas agreement will be around 8 GWh. With the gas bus fleet fueled on biogas, there will be no local emissions at all and there will be a reduction of around 1,367 tonnes in HelB’s greenhouse gas emissions. This corresponds to the emissions generated by driving a gasoline-fueled car for around 11 million kilometers.

”HSL has made a strong commitment to cuts in carbon dioxide and local emissions. We’re determined to provide a strong contribution toward the achievement of these emission reduction objectives. The want to do our share to make sure the residents of the region will have cleaner air to breathe. We’ve been involved in many projects to reduce emissions. We operate a fleet of 22 gas buses. Fueling buses on gas already helps achieve emission cuts – and with biogas the reductions in greenhouse gases will be considerable. Biogas-fueled buses will be seen on routes including Helsinki’s service number 24”, says HelB Technical Director Michael Andersson.

”It’s great that biogas will continue to be used in public transport and HelB will use 100% Finnish biogas to fuel its gas buses. The fact that this isn’t the first successful entry of biogas in HSL’s competitive bidding for the environmental bonus is proof of biogas being a cost-effective way to reduce emissions. The benefits of the circular economy enabled by biogas have been understood in many European cities – it’s a good idea to produce biogas in an energy-efficient manner from the various types of waste generated and utilize it as a clean road vehicle fuel,” says Gasum Business Development Manager Jussi Vainikka.

Biogas is a 100% Finnish biofuel that is made from biodegradable waste and injected into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti and, from 2016 onwards, also from the new Riihimäki biogas facility. Biogas is a versatile energy source sold for use as a road vehicle fuel, to industry, service providers, heat and power production as well as homes and restaurants using gas cookers.

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Jussi Vainikka, Business Development Manager, Gasum Ltd
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Petri Saari, Helsinki Region Transport
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