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Myllyn Paras frozen food factory switches to Gasum biogas – carbon dioxide emissions drop to zero

Myllyn Paras Oy is switching to Finnish Gasum biogas in its frozen food factory. All of the company’s frozen doughs, ready-to-bake products and baked goods will be made with Finnish and fully renewable biogas in the future. The decision drops carbon dioxide emissions from the Myllyn Paras frozen food factory to a round zero.

All industrial natural gas customers in Finland can now switch to Finnish biogas. Gasum biogas is sold and delivered to Myllyn Paras by the heating company Hyvinkään Lämpövoima. Biogas is a cost-effective way of cutting carbon dioxide emissions: enterprises already using natural gas will not need to make additional investments in equipment. Biogas is a Finnish biofuel always made from fully renewable raw materials that is injected into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti.

Myllyn Paras has been a forerunner in environmental responsibility for a long time. Reductions in greenhouse gases has been an objective for Myllyn Paras Oy for almost a decade, and in April the company is switching to Gasum biogas as an energy source for its frozen food factory in Hyvinkää. Produced from biodegradable waste, biogas drops the factory’s greenhouse gas emissions to a round zero.

”We’ve used oat hulls generated in flake production as a source of energy for our mill since 2007. In our bioenergy-based boiler the hulls have provided energy for process steam, hot water and heating of the mill property. Biowaste generated at our frozen food factory has been recycled for years. The introduction of biogas will replace natural gas and help us achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions that corresponds to the annual energy consumption of around 140 houses,” says Myllyn Paras Managing Director Pekka Savela.

Biogas label communicates environmental responsibility

Myllyn Paras is one of the first Finnish companies to become a Gasum biogas customer. This also means that all Myllyn Paras products made with biogas will receive the biogas label communicating the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental responsibility to consumers. Gasum sells biogas to industry, service companies, heat and power production and transport use.

”We’re happy to cooperate with a responsible food company that has high environmental and quality criteria. Biogas is based on the circular economy and is an excellent way to reduce environmental load in a cost-effective manner. It’s also a brilliant response to consumers’ increasing environmental expectations. Cooperation with Myllyn Paras Oy also promotes the development of the biogas market on the whole in Finland,” says Jani Arala Gasum’s Business Development Manager for Biogas.

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