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Paulig invests in renewable energy: 100 million packets of coffee now roasted with 100% Finnish biogas

Finland’s leading coffee company, Paulig, is reducing its carbon footprint. From August 2015, all Paulig coffee roasted in Vuosaari, Helsinki, has been made with 100% Finnish and renewable Gasum biogas. The company roasts an annual total of around 100 million packets of coffee for the domestic and export markets. The packaging of Paulig coffees roasted with clean energy can now also carry the biogas label communicating environmental responsibility.

Paulig is the first Finnish coffee roaster to switch to 100% Finnish and renewable Gasum biogas at its roastery. This change will result in the annual carbon dioxide emissions from the Vuosaari roastery being cut by almost 2,700 tonnes – an amount corresponding to the annual emissions of around 1,300 gasoline-fueled cars. The source of energy used previously by the Vuosaari roastery was natural gas. Biogas is sold and delivered to Paulig by the electricity and new energy solutions provider Helen Ltd.

”Care for the environment is an important element in Paulig’s corporate responsibility work. This can already be seen in the operations of our Vuosaari roastery as energy-efficient processes, use of wind power and waste reductions. Our Vuosaari facility doesn't generate any mixed waste at all these days. Now we want to increase the use of renewable energies by roasting our coffee with biogas,” says Elisa Markula, Senior Vice President, Coffee Division, Paulig Group.

”It’s a great honor that 100% Finnish and renewable biogas is the trusted energy choice of Paulig in the manufacture of quality coffee products. Gasum biogas is a clean and responsible fuel that efficiently reduces the carbon footprint from energy consumption,” says Jani Arala, Gasum’s Business Development Manager for Biogas.

The packaging of Paulig products made with biogas can carry the biogas label. Launched in spring 2015, the biogas label communicates to consumers that the product was made responsibly with 100% Finnish and renewable energy.

Paulig’s Vuosaari roastery roasts a total of 45 million kilos or around 100 million packets of coffee every year. This is where products including Paulig’s best-known coffee products such as Juhla Mokka, Presidentti, Brazil and Paulig Mundo coffees are roasted.

Gasum biogas is produced from biodegradable waste, and natural gas customers can easy switch to this renewable and 100% Finnish alternative. Biogas is upgraded to make it equivalent to natural gas, so the switch to biogas can be made without additional investments in equipment. Biogas is sold to the industry, service providers, heat and power production, homes and restaurants using gas cookers, and for use as a road vehicle fuel. Biogas is a Finnish biofuel always made from fully renewable raw materials that is injected into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti, and next year also from the new Riihimäki biogas facility.

For further information please contact:

Seija Säynevirta, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Coffee Division, Paulig Group
Phone: +358 400 801854, seija.säynevirta(a)

Jani Arala, Business Development Manager for Biogas, Gasum Oy
Phone: +358 44 0548 583, firstname.surname(a)