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Wigren switches to making its meat products with 100% Finnish Gasum biogas

The meat processing company Yrjö Wigren Oy is switching to Gasum biogas in its production. Wigren is the first natural gas user in Finland to make its processed meat products with 100% Finnish biogas. By using biogas, Wigren will be able fuel its production fully with environmentally friendly and 100% Finnish biofuel made from waste and increase the share of renewable energy sources in its production processes.

Gasum is now providing the first Finnish industrial natural gas customer with access to biogas. Gasum injects purified 100% Finnish and environmentally friendly biogas into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti. All industrial companies using natural gas can be offered biogas flexibly in accordance with their needs on the basis of the Biogas Certificate system. Biogas is the only product in the energy market in which the best features of the various energy solutions are combined. Biogas is a biofuel that is always produced from fully renewable raw materials.

Yrjö Wigren has been a forerunner in developing new products, and now the company also wants to be a forerunner in the utilization of biogas in its production.

– We seek to continuously develop our operations and create new products for our consumers. In 2011 we were ranked as Finland’s second-best meat processing company and second-best sausage maker. We’re determined to make better and better processed meats by making them with Finnish Gasum biogas. Finnish origin is important for our customers, and up to 79% of consumers want to favor companies that invest in environmental friendliness and renewable energy. Anna Wigren’s words from the 1940s, ”We either make excellent products – or no products at all,” still provide the foundation for everything we do, says Managing Director Keijo Vataja from Yrjö Wigren.

–We’re happy about our cooperation with a food industry player that insists on high quality, environmental friendliness and continuous operational development. Our cooperation with Yrjö Wigren is a good example of how to make your products compatible with the requirements of increasingly environmentally aware consumers. Biogas is a natural solution as a food industry energy source and represents the circular economy at its best. Our cooperation with Yrjö Wigren further supports the development of the biogas market in all of our segments, says Jani Arala, Gasum’s Business Development Manager for Biogas.

Gasum sells biogas to manufacturing industry, service companies, heat and power production and transport use. All natural gas users can switch to biogas without any additional investments.

For further information please contact:

Keijo Vataja Managing Director, Yrjö Wigren Oy
Phone +358 50 63 150, firstname.surname(a)

Jani Arala Business Development Manager, Biogas and Transport Solutions, Gasum, Phone +358 40 0548 583, firstname.surname(a)

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