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Biogas sector forerunner Biovakka becomes part of Gasum’s biogas business

The forerunner in the biogas sector and nutrient recycling Biovakka Suomi Oy and its parent company Biovakka Oy are becoming part of Gasum Ltd’s biogas business. The acquisition was completed by Gasum and the private shareholders of Biovakka in accordance with the anticipated schedule.

The closing of the transaction results in the transfer of the ownership of the Biovakka companies to Gasum. Biovakka Suomi has been Gasum’s associated company since 2009. The acquisition is part of Gasum’s strategy deployment and biogas business growth.

The Biovakka acquisition and the Biotehdas acquisition completed in February 2016 strengthen Gasum’s strategic objective to actively develop biogas production and the biogas market in Finland. With the investments Gasum improves access to biogas, particularly in areas outside the gas pipeline network, increases waste treatment capacity and enables the development of regional gas solutions and even more comprehensive service provision for its customers.

Biovakka has biogas plants in Turku and Vehmaa that process an annual total of around 150,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste. The biogas plants produce a combined annual total of around 60 GWh of renewable biogas energy and recycle the nutrients contained in the waste. Biovakka processes biodegradable waste into fertilizers and compost raw materials and produces heat and electrical power. Key waste raw materials include municipal and industrial sludge and biodegradable waste as well as manure from animal production. Biovakka has 14 employees.

Following the closing of the Biovakka transaction, Gasum has waster treatment and biogas production in seven biogas plants, located in Turku, Vehmaa, Honkajoki, Huittinen, Kuopio and Oulu, and later on this year also in Riihimäki once the plant under construction is completed. Gasum also produces biogas in cooperation with the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) in Espoo, with Kouvolan Vesi in Kouvola, and with Labio in Lahti. Gasum injects biogas into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti, and from late 2016 onwards also from Riihimäki. In the future Gasum will produce an annual total of more than 300 GWh of biogas and process 425,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste a year.

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