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Finland end to end on one fill-up – gas car will take you up to 1,300 km without stops for fuel

The Nordic gas sector expert Gasum is determined to bust the myths related to gas as a vehicle fuel. The road test conducted by Gasum in June 2016 showed that a gas car can be driven on one fill-up for almost 1,300 km – the same distance as the length of Finland end to end. Gasum has now launched a challenge for people to guess whereabouts in Finland the car stopped in the road test.

Interest in renewable fuels is on the increase in Finland, but many consumers are still unfamiliar with natural gas and biogas as road vehicle fuels. There are also many prejudices related to driving on gas as regards issues such as fuel economy, availability and price.

Some may also have concerns about filling-up, driving comfort and performance as well as durability. In fact gas vehicles are just as reliable as gasoline-fueled ones. They will not freeze up in sub-zero temperatures and do not differ in any way from the traditional options as regards driving comfort or performance. Filling up is no different from filling up on gasoline, either.

Gas car driving range considerably longer than that of gasoline-fueled cars

The gas car road test took the vehicle almost 1,300 km on just one fill-up. This impressive driving range is based on the gas car also having a gasoline tank in addition to the gas tank. If the gas runs out, the car automatically switches to gasoline. This means gas vehicle use is never limited to the area covered by gas filling stations. Instead, they can be filled up at any gas and gasoline filling station in the country.

Filling station network growing

A common misconception relating to gas vehicle use is that gas filling stations are few and far between in Finland, which is thought to pose challenges for driving in areas outside the Helsinki region in particular. The fact is, however, that there are currently 24 gas filling stations in Finland and the network is constantly being expanded. Gasum is strongly committed to the development of gas vehicle use, and one part of this is the construction of around 35 new gas filling stations over the coming years. Because gas vehicles also have a gasoline tank, those driving a gas vehicle already have access to more than 2,000 filling stations around Finland.

”Our road test served as excellent proof of the benefits of gas cars. Their driving range is bigger than that of normal cars and driving on gas is getting easier all the time thanks to the growing filling station network," says Jani Arala, Senior Manager, Sales, Biogas Business, from Gasum.

The entire road test driven by Gasum in June was filmed and can be found online at Lasting more than 17 hours, the road trip video produced on the road test not only shows how nice the drive was but also presents Finnish scenery at its best. Gasum has now launched a competition based on the road trip, with the winner getting to use an Audi A3 g-tron for a year. The competition site including on how to participate can be found instructions in Finnish at

Gas is an inexpensive vehicle fuel. The price per liter of natural gas is €0.694/liter and that of biogas €0.928/liter.

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