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Steps forward taken in corporate responsibility – Gasum Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 published

Low-emission and cost-effective gas solutions play a key role in efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral society. In line with its new strategy and corporate responsibility objectives, Gasum promotes sustainability by increasing the supply of Finnish biogas, developing the Nordic gas ecosystem and ensuring the price competitiveness of gas.

Gasum placed a major focus on corporate responsibility development in 2015. Promoting sustainability is at the core of the Gasum strategy that was updated at the beginning of the year. The corporate responsibility themes and aspects were also updated in line with the Gasum strategy.

Gasum’s Corporate Responsibility Report aims to describe our company’s capability to create value as well as to present the issues that are material to our value creation in one document. The report describes Gasum’s value creation – how we create value for our stakeholders and society while building a bridge to a carbon-neutral society

Gasum’s updated corporate responsibility themes are: Carbon-neutral future and innovations Better society with our stakeholders Forerunner in safety and supply security Understanding life-cycle impacts

Our safety and security culture was systematically improved in 2015, with safety and security raised as one of Gasum’s key strategic objectives. Measures to promote the safety and security culture included an online course on the theme and a preparedness exercise for response to exceptional situations in collaboration with stakeholder groups.

Research, development and innovation (RD&I) activities help advance sustainable development. The objective of Gasum’s RD&I is to promote sustainability and the development of a Nordic gas ecosystem. Our key long-term RD&I goal is to promote the transition to a carbon-neutral society. In 2015 a Carbon-Neutral Roadmap was formulated for developments such as the exploration of technology routes when moving toward a carbon-neutral society.

At Gasum we find it important to understand our impacts on the environment and society throughout the life cycle. We joined the Network for Sustainable Procurement and seek to favor eco-labeled products. A new energy management system (EnMS) was incorporated into Gasum's integrated management system (IMS) and certified according to the ISO 50001 standard.

Gasum communicates openly and actively with the various stakeholder groups. One of Gasum’s societal advocacy themes has been the need to influence the reform of Finnish energy taxation. Gasum has also participated actively in the drafting of the new Natural Gas Market Act and the regulatory framework. Gasum reports transparently on its tax footprint and describes its tax strategy in the Corporate Responsibility Report.  Gasum’s Management Team, management systems and organization underwent reforms during 2015. The organizational reform also involved a reform of corporate responsibility management and stronger resourcing.

Pirkka products made with recycled biogas Gasum started circular economy cooperation with K-food retails outlets and Kesko own-brand Pirkka products. In the new cooperation model, biogas made from retail outlet biowaste is utilized as energy in the manufacture of new Kesko own-brand Pirkka products. More about the circular economy cooperation, towards carbon-neutral society,  circular economy video >>

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As for 2014, Gasum reported in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines for 2015. The coverage of external assurance of corporate responsibility information was increased in comparison with the previous year's report.


Read more: Gasum Corporate Responsibility 2015  or load the report (pdf) Gasum Corporate Responsibility report 2015.

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