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Gasum Gas Fund grants for 2016 awarded

The Gasum Gas Fund is one of the special funds administered by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion (TES) through which Gasum promotes research and development in the natural energy gas sector by giving out annual grants. This year’s grants were given out at an awards and grants ceremony organized by TES at Restaurant Palace, Helsinki, on Wednesday June 6, 2016.

​The grants from the Gas Fund are given for education, research and development aiming to promote the gas ecosystem. Topics covered by the work supported include the development of renewable gas production, gas usage technologies, and sustainability and environmental impacts.

Plenty of interesting and high-quality applications were received in the call for applications conducted in the winter. The applications were assessed at the Gas Fund advisory committee's spring meeting where a decision was made to issue grants to an exceptionally large number of applicants – 16 in total. The amount of grants awarded totals €108,000 (€49,000 in 2015).

The following grants were given out from the Gasum Gas Fund:

Jenny Alanen, MSc (TUT), Natural gas engine particle emission: Physical properties, formation and transformation in atmosphere. (€5,000)

Alice Bittante, MSc (Åbo Akademi), Optimization of Energy Distribution and Energy Chains (LNG). (€22,000)

Mahdi Fasihi, BSc (LUT), How to achieve the COP21 target of Net-Zero Emissions in the Gas Consuming Industry? (€5,000)

Sanna Jaatinen, MSc (TUT), Erilliskerätyn virtsan käytön kehittäminen: karakterisointi, varastoinnin vaikutus ja soveltuvuus mikrolevien ravinnelähteeksi (“Development of source-separate urine use: characterization, impact of storage and potential for use as nutrient source for microalgae”). (€1,500)

Yifu Jing, MSc (Aalto), Methods of improving the electrochemical performance of nano-composite low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells. (€5,000)

Heikki Kahila, MSc (Aalto), Palamisen fysiikan mallinnus suurten pyörteiden menetelmällä kaksoispolttoainekonseptissa (“Combustion physics modeling using large eddy simulation in dual fuel concept"). (€5,000)

Karri Keskinen, MSc (Aalto), Sekoittuminen ja lämmönsiirto moottorisimuloinneissa LES-, RANS- ja LES/RANS-menetelmillä (“Mixing and heat transfer in engine simulations using the LES, RANS and LES/RANS methods”). (€5,000)

Suvi-Tuuli Koikkalainen, BSc (Aalto), A study on Supercritical Water Gasification of Industrial process streams. Theoretical and experimental investigations focused on process development. (€2,500)

Katja Kuparinen, MSc (LUT), Biomass conversion and power-to-gas applications in the pulp industry. (€5,000)

Marja-Liisa Kärkkäinen, MSc (UO), Maakaasu- ja dieselautoissa käytettävien hapetuskatalyyttien deaktivoituminen rikki- ja fosforimyrkyttymisen vaikutuksesta (“Deactivation of oxidization catalysts used in natural gas and diesel vehicles due to sulfur and phosphorus poisoning"). (€5,000)

Soudabeh Saied, MSc (Åbo Akademi), Waste water ozonization. (€5,000)

Natalia Saukkonen, MSc (TUT), Facts and Feelings Behind Investment Decisions in Energy Industry. (€5,000)

Eveliina Sippola, MSc (TUT), Dynsor – Dynaaminen sorptio (“Dynsor – Dynamic sorption”). (€22,000)

Katie Suominen, DSc (Aalto), Sustainable Energy Production: utilizing biogas production with lipid extracted microalgae in a pulp and paper biorefinery. (€5,000)

Johan Tallgren, MSc (Aalto), Kiinteäoksidipolttokennon kestävyyden parantaminen puhtaamman energiatuotannon käyttöön (“Increasing the durability of solid oxide fuel cells for cleaner energy production"). (€5,000)

Esa Turpeinen, MSc (UO), Valorization of CO2 containing process gases and biogas to synthesis gas and hydrogen. (€5,000)

More information:

Mari Tuomaala, CTO, Gasum