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Gasum invests in biogas by acquiring full shareholding of Biovakka

Gasum Ltd and the private shareholders of Biovakka Suomi Oy have today signed an agreement on the transfer of the full 100% shareholding of Biovakka to Gasum.

The transaction is anticipated to be completed during February 2016. Biovakka Suomi has been Gasum’s associated company since 2009 (20% shareholding). The acquisition is part of Gasum’s strategy deployment and growth in the biogas business. The transaction will secure Gasum’s access to biogas and enable an even more comprehensive offering to customers. Following the transaction, Gasum will have biogas facilities broadly across Finland and the biogas production capacity will rise to an annual level exceeding 300 GWh.

The development of biogas production and the biogas market is a key element of Gasum’s strategy and business growth. Together with natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG), biogas is forming a bridge to a carbon-neutral society.

Biovakka is a forerunner in the biogas sector and nutrient recycling with biogas plants in Turku and Vehmaa. Biovakka processes biodegradable waste into fertilizers and compost raw materials and produces heat and electrical power. Key waste raw materials include municipal and industrial sludge and biodegradable waste as well as manure from animal production.

”This acquisition will diversify our gas production and sourcing channels and strengthen access to biogas in the various customer segments. This year we’ll open a road vehicle gas filling station in Turku – the first in Finland to also serve heavy-duty vehicles. The current Biovakka transaction and our acquisition of the bioeconomy company Biotehdas that took place a couple of weeks ago are a major step for our biogas business development and strategy deployment. Biovakka and Biotehdas are companies providing a strong contribution to the advancement of Finnish circular economy," says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

”Biovakka’s operations are based on the principle of sustainable development. We master the entire range from raw material flows to the efficient utilization of recycled nutrients in industry and agriculture. Biogas has been utilized by us in energy production. We believe Gasum has strong capacities for the further development of our business as part of the biogas market,” says Biovakka Managing Director and co-owner Jyrki Heilä.

Biovakka processes a total of around 150,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste every year. The company’s two biogas plants produce a combined annual total of around 60 GWh of renewable biogas and recycle the nutrients contained in the waste.

For further information please contact:

Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer, Gasum Corporation
Phone: +358 20 44 78 661 (Henna Walker, Executive Assistant) firstname.surname(a)

Jyrki Heilä, Managing Director, Biovakka Oy, Biovakka Suomi Oy
Phone: +358 400 533 213, firstname.surname(a)

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