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Gasum invests in modern biowaste processing by increasing capacity at Oulu biogas plant

Gasum has made a decision to invest in capacity expansion at the Oulu biogas plant in Finland. The expansion project is part of the company’s strategic objective to achieve growth in the renewable biogas market and steer a variety of side streams into biogas plants. The biogas plant is a modern and sustainable solution for the processing of organic waste.

The annual biowaste processing capacity of Gasum’s Oulu biogas plant will be doubled from the current level to 60,000 tonnes. Following the expansion, the company will be better able to offer biodegradable waste processing services not only to current customers but also others in and around the Oulu economic region.

The permits required and the implementation of the expansion project are estimated to be completed in spring 2017, after which the plant will produce recycled nutrients and, when operating on full capacity, an annual total of around 35 GWh of biogas. The amount of energy in that volume of biogas is enough to cover the annual fuel consumption of around 3,500 cars. The biogas will be used locally as a fuel for transport, industry and heat production.

The biogas plant capacity expansion project will commence immediately. The project will provide 24 full-time equivalents of employment. Once operational, it will employ 3–4 people directly and more than 10 other people indirectly. The total capital expenditure outlay is around €3.5 million. Gasum has applied for investment support in the form of energy support, with the support application also covering gas logistics and filling station investments in Oulu in addition to the investment in the plant. An investment decision on these will be made separately at a later date.

”Steering waste streams into biogas production and achieving growth in the biogas market are key elements in Gasum’s strategy. The Oulu biogas plant is part of the regional gas solution and enables the processing of waste for new customers and further increases the supply of biogas for new uses. Together with natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG), biogas is forming a bridge to a carbon-neutral society. It’s great that the Oulu region is a very gas-friendly area and dynamic progress has been made in the entire planning process,” says Ari Suomilammi, Vice President, Biogas Production, from Gasum.

Gasum processes waste and produces biogas at seven biogas plants located in Huittinen, Honkajoki, Kuopio, Oulu, Turku, Vehmaa and, from late 2016, also in Riihimäki. The biogas plant under construction in Riihimäki was listed as one of the Finnish Government’s key projects in February 2016. Gasum also produces biogas with its partners in Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti. Following the expansion of the Oulu biogas plant, Gasum will process 455,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste and produce around 350 GWh of 100% Finnish biogas a year.

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