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Traditional public sauna in Helsinki’s Kallio district now heated with 100% Finnish biogas

Gasum and Sauna Arla have signed an agreement on the use of biogas. Already previously heated with Gasum gas, from now on the stoves of Sauna Arla will be fueled with 100% Finnish biogas. One of Helsinki’s four public saunas, Arla is the only one heated with gas.

At Sauna Arla founded in 1929, sauna-goers have been enjoying the heat provided by stoves fueled with natural gas since 1970. The next step in environmental friendliness has now been taken with the stoves switched to biogas. An active figure in Helsinki’s music scene and a former city councilor, Sauna Arla owner Kimmo Helistö says he is determined to promote green, sustainable values in all respects in the operations of the sauna.

”I’m a responsible person in many ways and my personal lifestyle is green. Therefore I’m naturally also determined to ensure green values at the sauna as well in everything from the bench covers to the coffee cups made by the studio potter next door. Biogas offers a good, sustainable and fine particulate emission-free solution to sauna heating. And a big bonus with biogas is also that it’s sourced locally,” says Helistö.

This is not the first time Gasum has cooperated with Sauna Arla. The sauna’s stoves were refurbished nine years ago, and in that context Gasum provided the sauna with the burners and was in charge of the design and implementation of the refurbishment project. An annual total of around 160 MWh of biogas will be consumed to fuel the heat-storing stoves and their stones that weigh more than a tonne. Open five days a week, the sauna is visited by around two hundred sauna aficionados every week.

”It’s great to be able to contribute to the development of the Kallio district’s traditional local culture. The biogas-heated stoves will provide Sauna Arla with a unique opportunity to offer sauna bathers a truly environmentally friendly experience,” says Gasum Sales Manager Timo Jokila.

Gasum biogas is a Finnish biofuel always made from fully renewable raw materials that is injected into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti, and from this summer onwards also from the new Riihimäki biogas facility. Biogas is a versatile energy source sold to industry, service providers, heat and power production, homes and restaurants using gas cookers, and for use as a road vehicle fuel.

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