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Natural gas price reduced at Gasum filling stations as from July 1, 2016

Gasum reduced the price of natural gas at all of its gas filling stations on Friday July 1, 2016. The new comparative price of natural gas per equivalent liter of gasoline is €0.718/l. Gasum is investing strongly in the expansion of the road fuel gas market by increasing the number of its gas filling stations around Finland and ensuring competitive fuel pricing.

The new comparative price of natural gas per equivalent liter of gasoline is €0.718/l (€1.120/kg) and that of biogas €0.928/l (€1.450/kg).

As well as being affordable, natural gas and biogas are also excellent road fuel choices from the environmental perspective. Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles running on natural gas are around 25% lower than those from gasoline, and Finnish biogas is a zero-emission fuel. Gas vehicles do not in practice cause fine particulate emissions that reduce the quality of urban air, and the level of other local emissions is also very low. Gasum biogas is the only road transport fuel in Finland that has been awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol and the Nordic Ecolabel.

Gasum is committed to the sustained development of gas vehicle use in Finland and will construct 35 new filling stations over the next ten years. There are currently 24 gas filling stations in Finland.

Finland’s best-selling car models are available in gas versions, and the price difference between gasoline-fueled and gas-fueled cars is small. To take a look at the gas car models available, visit the website dedicated for driving on gas (Aja kaasulla) and to read about low-emission transport visit the Vihreä Kaista news and information service.