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Offshore sections of Pori LNG terminal connection pipeline completed

Progress in the construction of the Pori Tahkoluoto LNG terminal is being made on schedule. The offshore sections of the roughly 12-km natural gas pipeline constructed the Kappelinsunti and Eteläselkä from the LNG terminal to the Kaanaa industrial park have now been completed. More than 3 km of pipe has been installed in the seabed.Pipelaying for the onshore sections will continue throughout the spring and will be completed in May 2016.

The offshore sections of the natural gas pipeline constructed from the Pori LNG terminal to Kaanaa industrial park has been installed underground around 70% of the entire section.

”Trenching and pipelaying took place in challenging conditions in the Eteläselkä offshore area in particular. In the autumn the winds were high, and towards the end we were also slowed down by the arrival of winte.The special sections still remaining are the crossings under the Reposaarentie road in the Tirrinsanta area and under the railway tracks in the Kaanaa area. The Katava and Mäntyluoto valve stations will be installed during March,” says Project Manager Eero Isoranta from Gasum.

The pipelaying work will not affect traffic arrangements in the Reposaarentie road area.

LNG import terminal to open in August 2016

The Skangas natural gas pipeline construction project was launched in August 2015. The main contractor is Destia Ltd, while Gasum is responsible for project design and implementation. The pipeline will be ready for use early May 2016, and the flow of gas in the pipeline will begin in August when the LNG import terminal becomes operational.

The main gas user in the Kaanaa industrial park is Huntsman Pigments and Additives Oy and Porin Prosessivoima. The pressure reduction equipment and its protective housing as well as the natural gas pipeline section for the factory area are already completed. The pipeline is also ready for connections enabling access to natural gas for other industrial customers in the area.

LNG is an environmentally friendly fuel and provides industrial operators with access to a natural energy gas outside the gas pipeline network. LNG can replace the use of oil-based fuels in industry, energy production as well as shipping and road transport and therefore help achieve considerable reductions in the particulate, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from these activities.

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