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REDI shopping center construction site the first to be heated with 100% Finnish biogas

Gasum has entered into an agreement with SRV on the heating of the REDI shopping center construction site with biogas. The use of biogas on the site began in January. Finland’s largest urban construction project underway in Helsinki, the REDI shopping center is so far the only construction site in Finland that is heated with biogas.

”At the moment heat produced with biogas is used in the section that will become the underground parking facility of the shopping center. We’re currently constructing the ground-supported flooring, and at this stage of the process hot air is generated by biogas-fueled fans to keep the site warm,” explains Jukka Nikkola, REDI Site Manager from SRV.

The REDI site is considerably large and a long-term project as a heating site as the shopping center is due for completion in 2018. The number of staff working on the site is around 400, and the annual consumption of biogas is estimated to total 8,000 MWh depending on the volume and temperature of the area heated.

”The introduction of biogas to heat the REDI construction site is a great step forward for sustainable construction industry. Our cooperation with SRV is proof of biogas being suitable for a wide variety of uses,” says Jani Arala Senior Manager, Biogas Sales, from Gasum.

Gasum biogas is a Finnish biofuel always made from fully renewable raw materials that is injected into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti, and from this summer onwards also from the new Riihimäki biogas facility. Biogas is a versatile energy source sold to industry, service providers, heat and power production, homes and restaurants using gas cookers, and for use as a road vehicle fuel.

REDI is Finland’s largest urban construction project currently underway. The total revenue of the shopping center, parking facility and a total of eight tower buildings is expected to exceed €1 billion. The REDI shopping center will be opened in autumn 2018.The REDI towers will rise in the Kalasatama district of Helsinki in stages over the next ten years, and residents will be able to move into the first residential tower, Majakka, around the end of 2018. REDI will be fully completed by 2023.

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