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Finland’s first gas filling station for heavy-duty vehicles opens at Vuosaari

The alternatives available to reduce road transport emissions are increasing. Finland’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station serving heavy-duty vehicles and also enabling the distribution of biogas was opened today, August 29, 2016, at Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbor.

The Vuosaari filling station is part of the expansion of the road fuel gas market to which Gasum is strongly committed. The next gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles will be opened in autumn 2016 in Turku and during 2017 in Jyväskylä and Vantaa. Gasum is also implementing several other gas filling station projects around Finland.

The deployment of gas filling stations for heavy-duty road vehicles is supported by the stricter emission targets set for transport, the demand for low-emissions transport and the need to diversify propulsion in road transport. The LNG filling stations currently under construction have been granted EU co-funding to facilitate the implementation of the objectives of the pan-European TEN–T Core Network in countries including Finland.

”The demand for environmentally friendly transport services is increasing. The growing supply of gas-fueled vehicles and the new filling stations will further improve the opportunities to switch to road fuel gases. It’s great that vehicle manufacturers are also actively involved in this development in the Finnish market as well and that Iveco, Scania and Volvo are offering gas-powered vehicles for the Finnish market. Gasum is strongly committed to the development of gas vehicle use, and one element in this is the construction of around 35 new gas filling stations,” says Jussi Vainikka, Business Development Manager, Biogas, from Gasum.

”Environmental issues and technologies to protect the environment already played a significant role in the construction of the Vuosaari Harbor. We find that opening an LNG filling station here where we have a major hub for truck traffic in Southern Finland is a perfectly natural move. We’re happy to be involved in efforts to enable new openings for environmentally sound technology,” says Director Jukka Kallio from Vuosaari Harbor.

This year has been important for the Finnish LNG offering. The construction of Finland’s first LNG import terminal was completed in the summer in Tahkoluoto, Pori. Providing improved access to lower-emissions energy in the industrial, maritime and land markets, the import terminal creates the foundation for further uses of gas in maritime transport, industry as well as heavy-duty road transport. The infrastructure currently under construction will also enable the distribution of biogas.

The LNG station is located in Vuosaari at Provianttikatu 6, Helsinki.

For further information please contact:

Jussi Vainikka, Business Development Manager, Biogas, Gasum
Phone: +358 20 44 78 531,

Olga Väisänen, Director, Communications, Gasum
Phone: +358 20 44 78628,

Jukka Kallio, Director, Vuosaari Harbor
Phone: +358 9 310 33 676,

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