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Fortum’s Circular Economy Village and Honkajoki green energy park winners in Finnish Climate Deed of the Year competition – Gasum involved in both

This year’s Finnish Climate Deed of the Year award was won by the Fortum Circular Economy Village located in Riihimäki and the public award by the Honkajoki green energy park. The Circular Economy Village recycles an annual total of up to 100,000 tonnes of municipal waste. Biowaste delivered to the Gasum biogas plant operating in the Village is used to produce biogas. Gasum is also involved in Honkajoki where the Gasum biogas plant produces biogas and supplies it to the Vatajakosken Sähkö Oy power plant. The Climate Deed of the Year is an annual recognition to an enterprise, community or energy user operating in or related to the energy sector that has promoted action to mitigate climate change through its operations.

Operational since the beginning of 2016, Fortum’s Circular Economy Village is the only one of its kind. At full capacity the village is able to process an annual total of up to 100,000 tonnes of municipal waste. Waste received at the village is recycled via the Eco Refinery sorting plant, the Plastic Refinery and Gasum’s biogas production plant. Biowaste accounts for around one-third of the waste received by the plant and is used by Gasum as feedstock in the production of 100% Finnish and renewable biogas.

In addition to Fortum, also successful in this year’s Climate Deed of the Year competition was the Honkajoki green energy park, which received the public award for its several years of work for the circular economy. The energy park utilizes solutions such as biogas produced by Gasum’s Honkajoki biogas plant. The Honkajoki biogas plant processes several tens of millions of kilos of waste every year, and the biogas produced is supplied to the Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy engine power plant.

”We’re very happy to be involved in our partners’ efforts towards a carbon-neutral society. The fact that these undertakings receive recognition in the Climate Deed of the Year awards is a sign of the work done together by us bearing fruit,” says Ari Suomilammi, Director, Biogas Production and Sourcing, Gasum.

Gasum biogas is a 100% Finnish biofuel made from fully renewable feedstocks produced in Gasum biogas plants in Huittinen, Honkajoki, Kuopio, Oulu, Riihimäki, Turku and Vehmaa. In Sweden Gasum has biogas plants in Jordberga, Katrineholm, Lidköping and Örebro as well as a majority shareholding in a production plant located in Västerås. In addition, Gasum has a 50% shareholding in Vadsbo Biogas in Sweden. Gasum also produces biogas and injects it into the gas network with its partners in biogas plants in Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti.

Biogas is a versatile energy source sold to industry, service providers, heat and power production, homes and restaurants using gas cookers, and for use as a road vehicle fuel. Biogas has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel and road fuel biogas also the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol.

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