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Gasum identifies megatrends for changes in operating environment

Gasum has identified the global megatrends affecting the company’s operating environment: climate change, technology development, accelerating urbanization, demographic shifts, and shift in global economic power. Gasum is expanding the gas market and building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea in the changing operating environment.

Climate change

Climate change drives political decision-making towards greener climate and energy policies. Tighter political regulation is reflected on the enterprise level in particular as restrictions and increased usage charges for high-emission fossil fuels. On the other hand, new opportunities are created for the development of renewable energy production and related ecosystems. Key roles will be played by energy-efficiency improvements and circular economy.

Technology development

Technological breakthroughs in renewable energy are lowering the price of alternative energy solutions –intensifying competition in the energy markets. New innovations and digitalization enable increased efficiency in working methods and processes and the development of diverse distribution channels.


There is an increasing global trend of people moving to urban areas and growth centers. This will result in the creation of strong regional power centers the energy demand of which will enable new centralized solutions. For enterprises this provides opportunities for the development of new kinds of business models.

Demographic shifts

The world’s population is growing explosively, particularly outside the West. The differences in values and preferences between generations are also reflected in people’s roles as consumers. Increased awareness and environmental consideration in consumer behavior creates new demand for sustainable energy forms. Although the share of renewables is increasing all the time, fossil fuels will still have a strong role in the global energy mix.

Shift in global economic power

Emerging economies have risen to challenge the leading position of the traditional West. The population and economic growth of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is creating new demand and supply for the global energy market, which will also be reflected in Europe’s energy supply.