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Renewing energy company Gasum develops Nordic gas market

Renewal is a key element of Gasum’s strategy. In the past few years, the company has grown from a Finnish natural gas company to a Nordic energy company building the LNG and biogas markets in the Nordic countries while at the same time looking after the competitiveness of natural gas in Finland. Good leadership and management, employee wellbeing and safety and security are important to Gasum. Gasum wants to develop these continuously together with the personnel. These themes have been adopted as focal areas in the company’s human resource management.

On November 9, 2017 a letter was sent by shop stewards of Gasum personnel groups to the shareholders and the Board of Directors of Gasum Ltd. The shop stewards acted independently in this and did not contact their respective personnel groups about the letter or its contents. In response to the views presented in the letter, Gasum has provided the shareholders with a report on the measures taken so far to develop good leadership and management and employee wellbeing.

An extensive workplace community survey will take place in the Gasum Group. The survey will be conducted by the consultancy company MPS during the final weeks of the year. Gasum management takes the concerns raised in the letter about the company’s workplace and cooperation atmosphere seriously and finds it very important to look into the matter as regards the entire Gasum Group.

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Gasum imports natural gas to Finland, produces and upgrades biogas in Finland and Sweden, and transmits and delivers these for energy production, industry, homes, and road and maritime transport. Gasum is the leading supplier of biogas in the Nordic countries. The Gasum subsidiary Skangas is a leading Nordic expert in liquefied natural gas (LNG), and Skangas will continue to strengthen the position and infrastructure of LNG and the utilization of new gas solutions in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Gasum Group has around 400 employees in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Gasum Group’s revenue totaled €843 million in 2016.