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Skangas passes 2,400 days without injuries and accidents

Since we started LNG operations in Risavika in October 2010 and the successive building and operation of our LNG infrastructure in North West Europe until today, we have not had any injuries nor accidents. Over this time period we have successfully delivered almost 1.4 million tons (20 TWh) LNG to industry and marine customers by pipe, truck or ship. This strong safety performance shows that small-scale LNG suppliers have established same robust safety standards as the global LNG industry.

The main reason for this strong safety performance lies in the competent and engaged employees, many of them with relevant experience from the Oil & Gas industry.  Daily safety focus while continuously looking for improvements through sharing, training and reporting go hand-in-hand.

Skangas has also established valuable cooperation with emergency response organizations, local and national authorities, partners, customers, neighboring industries and other LNG suppliers through national and international branch organizations and networks.  Safety is a topic where everybody benefits from openness, collaboration and joint preparedness training.

Finally a strong management commitment and support is a key to build and develop a strong safety first culture.