Swedish Biogas International is now Gasum

The energy company Gasum acquired Swedish Biogas International in January 2017, and the company has become part of Gasum’s Biogas business. Swedish Biogas International will now be renamed Gasum and will operate under the Gasum brand.

The change of name from Swedish Biogas International AB to Gasum AB will be effective from April 18, 2017. The company’s registration number will remain unchanged. The names of the subsidiaries will also change as follows:

  • SBI Jordberga AB - Gasum Jordberga AB
  • Swedish Biogas International Örebro AB - Gasum Örebro AB
  • etc. 

We would like our customers to note that the name of the invoicing company on our invoices will change. The change of name will not require any other measures from our customers. We would like our suppliers to note our new invoicing details effective from April 18, 2017. We have sent a separate information bulletin about the changes to our customers and suppliers.

Read our previous news release about the acquisition here.