The Helsinki Distilling Company switches to 100% Finnish renewable biogas

The Helsinki Distilling Company is increasing its production capacity and switching to Gasum’s renewable biogas made from its own waste. The fuel choice for the company’s second still was decided by the opportunity for energy efficiency and minimization of waste.

Located in the Sörnäinen district of Helsinki, the Helsinki Distilling Company (HDCO) is increasing its production capacity and has selected Gasum’s renewable biogas as the fuel for its second still. Production with the new 1,500 liter system begins in May. The fuel choice was decided by the opportunity for energy efficiency and minimization of waste.

”We’re an urban enterprise and want to look after our operating environment. It was important for us to find the smartest way to run our operations and, just like in everything else we do, we aimed at a good process with minimized wastage. The circular economy gives us a renewable energy-efficient fuel and a cleaner city,” says Mikko Mykkänen, Master Distiller and co-founder of the HDCO.

The biogas used by the HDCO will be produced from waste generated by the company in accordance with the circular economy model. Spent grain from the distillery’s mashing process is taken for further processing to the Lahti biogas plant where it is used to make fully renewable 100% Finnish biogas, which is then bought back by HDCO. Around 80% of the distillery’s products will be made with biogas, and the company’s advertising and packaging will feature the Biogas Label.

”Biogas is fully renewable and 100% Finnish and therefore a superior fuel. The HDCO is located in the middle of Helsinki, and biogas guarantees a significant reduction in emissions in the area. We’re happy to be involved in the promotion of cleaner cities through circular economy,” says Gasum Sales Manager Max Miilakangas.

Gasum biogas is a Finnish biofuel that is always produced from fully renewable raw materials. Gasum’s Finnish biogas plants are located in Huittinen, Honkajoki, Kuopio, Oulu, Riihimäki, Turku and Vehmaa. Gasum also produces biogas with its partners in Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti. Biogas is a versatile energy source sold to industry, service providers, heat and power production, homes and restaurants using gas cookers, and for use as a road vehicle fuel.

For more information please contact:
Max Miilakangas, Sales Manager, Gasum Ltd
Phone: +358 400 686 814, max.miilakangas(a)gasum.fi

Mikko Mykkänen, Co-founder and Master Distiller, The Helsinki Distilling Company
Phone +358 40 6483 937, mikko.mykkanen@hdco.fi

Founded in 2014, The Helsinki Distilling Company makes gin, whiskey, Apple Jack and Helsinki Long Drink. All products are hand-crafted from Finnish ingredients of the finest quality.The HDCO’s Helsinki Tyrnipontikka sea buckthorn moonshine has been selected for inclusion in the Finland 100 special selection of Alko Inc, the national alcoholic beverage retailer, commemorating the centenary of Finland’s independence. https://hdco.fi/