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Transport use of gas strong element in European Commission's Clean Mobility Package – major emission reductions enabled by LNG and biogas

The European Commission’s freshly unveiled Clean Mobility Package proposes new carbon dioxide emission standards for cars and vans. The Commission also presents a proposal for the strengthening of the infrastructure for alternative fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG). The package draws attention to the opportunities provided by renewable gas and, according to the Commission, the use of biogas should be increased in the future.

The average carbon dioxide emissions of new cars will have to be 30% lower in 2030 than in 2021. The Commission's proposal is technology neutral and does not include any quotas for propulsion systems. It is therefore in car manufacturers’ hands as regards which technology will be used to make the emission cuts a reality. According to the Commission’s estimate, 80% of new cars will still have a combustion engine in 2030. An alternative worth considering would be to switch to measuring the lifecycle emissions of fuels, which would provide an effective incentive for the use of fuels based on the circular economy.

The Clean Mobility Package includes an Action Plan on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure. The Action Plan provides strong support to the increased transport use of gas in maritime as well as road transport. According to the Action Plan, the transport use of gas should be increased in the future, and in this a significant role is played by biogas.

The Commission points out in the Action Plan on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure that even the TEN-T core network still has gaps in the gas infrastructure as regards cars, heavy-duty vehicles, inland waterway vessels and maritime transport. To improve the infrastructure, the Action Plan includes new funding opportunities amounting to almost €800 million in loans or grants or blending of these.

”The proposals of the Commission’s Clean Mobility Package are in their entirety highly welcome. Increasing the transport use of gas and the share of biogas is a cost-efficient way of reducing the lifecycle emissions of vehicles. Gas helps comply with the stricter emission limits in maritime as well as road transport. The Commission’s proposals create an excellent foundation for the further development of the biogas and LNG market and infrastructure in the Nordic countries,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

Next, the proposals of the Clean Mobility Package will be considered by the European Parliament and the Council.

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