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Unlimited fill-ups for your car at €69 a month – Gasum introduces new pricing model to road fuel market

The Finnish energy company Gasum is introducing a totally new way of pricing road fuel in Finland. New private individuals getting a gas car in early 2017 will be able to fill up an unlimited amount of natural gas at a fixed monthly price of €69 or biogas at €89. The monthly pricing model helps estimate annual fuel costs and encourages private car users to switch to a low-emission fuel.

The fixed price campaign begins on January 16, and new gas car customers will be able to utilize the offer until the end of March 2017. Customers participating in the campaign will be able to fill up at a fixed monthly price for a total of 18 months. The new fixed monthly pricing model is introduced alongside traditional pricing based on metered gas fill-ups. The fixed price offer requires the acquisition of the Gasum GasCard. The card can be used for fill-ups at all Gasum filling points.

The price benefit covers all (new and used) gas-fueled cars sold by car dealers and bought by private individuals as well as used gas cars imported by private individuals. The monthly campaign prices for natural gas and biogas will remain valid for 18 months from the entry into the agreement. After the termination of the agreement period gas can be purchased at the normal price.

"Gasum wants to provide a new kind of service to customers and introduce a convenient road fuel pricing model so far not seen in the market that makes it possible to estimate the annual fuel costs in advance,” says Jani Arala, Senior Manager, Sales, Biogas, from Gasum.

Driving on gas is inexpensive and environmentally friendly

Gas is inexpensive compared with other fuels. If you fill up a medium-sized car for €10, gasoline will take you a distance of 135 km and diesel 184 km while biogas will take you 202 km and natural gas up to 241 km.*

Biogas is a 100% Finnish emission-free fuel made from biodegradable feedstocks. It has been awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol as well as the Nordic Ecolabel. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and its emissions are 20% lower than those from gasoline. One tank of gas takes you around 400 km, and all gas cars also have a gasoline tank extending their operating range to up to 1,300 km.

Gasum is making major extensions to its gas filling station network in the future. New filling stations will be opened during 2017 in Hämeenlinna, Pori, Jyväskylä and Petikko, Vantaa. Plans are also underway for several other sites, and 35 new filling stations will be constructed by Gasum over the next few years. At the moment there are 28 filling stations in Finland.

* Average consumption: 4.9 l of gasoline / 3.9 l of diesel / 3.4 kg of gas, fuel price: natural gas €1.22/kg, biogas €1.47/kg, diesel €1.39/l and gasoline €1.51/l. Diesel and gasoline prices based on average prices for Helsinki Metropolitan Area on January 5, 2017.

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Jani Arala, Senior Manager, Sales , Biogas Solutions, Gasum Ltd
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Olga Väisänen, Vice President, Communications, Gasum Ltd
Phone: +358 40 554 0578, firstname.surname(a) 

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