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You can now fill up in Hämeenlinna – Gas filling station network is fast expanding

The first gas filling station in Hämeenlinna, was inaugurated today, Tuesday June 20, 2017 at Paroistentie. The station opened to drivers already last week and provides compressed natural gas and biogas for cars, delivery vehicles, waste management vehicles and buses.

Gasum is promoting cleaner road transport and is firmly committed to the development of Finnish gas vehicle use. The first gas filling station opened in Hämeenlinna is on Paroistentie, in the immediate proximity of the motorway between Helsinki and Tampere. The filling station provides compressed natural gas and biogas for cars, delivery vehicles, waste management vehicles and buses.

“The new gas filling station is in Hämeenlinna at the heart of growth corridor Finland and we are especially pleased that we will be part of the gas filling station network in Southern Finland. This gas filling station symbolizes Hämeenlinna’s commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the use of natural gas in road traffic is a big step towards this,” says Timo Kenakkala, Mayor of Hämeenlinna.

Car dealers warmly welcomed the new station

”Octavia is Finland’s most popular model in Škoda’s gas-fueled range and sales of the gas version have soared. Hämeenlinna is an important region for us and our local distributor Nelipyörä-autoliike is more than happy to help our customers in choosing a Škoda gas-fueled car. With regard to fuel economy, a gas-fueled car is an excellent low-cost option for private customers, organizations and companies alike. We see great potential in vehicles running on low emission biogas and it is great that the filling station network has now expanded also to Hämeenlinna. Besides the Octavia, the Škoda Citigo gas car is also available in our range,” says Maija Koskela, CEO of Helkama Auto, which imports Škoda to Finland.

Expanding network of stations

Gasum is actively developing its network of biogas and natural gas filling stations and will open 35 new filling stations over the next few years. A number of stations are planned for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku, Oulu and Lahti, among other places.

“Consumers, companies and cities seek clean and affordable traffic solutions. On top of this, national energy and climate targets support the strong growth of road fuel gas. Gasum is responding to this demand through its products and by expanding its network of filling stations. We have revolutionized the fuel market. For example, our customers run their vehicles on 100 percent renewable fuel produced from their own waste and pay a fixed monthly price. In May, we expanded this fixed monthly price for fuel to also apply to corporate leasing services in partnership with Secto Automotive. New filling stations will be brought into use during the summer in a number of places and next week we will inaugurate the first gas filling station in Pori. After the summer vacations, it will be time for new stations in Vantaa and Jyväskylä,” says Jukka Metsälä, Vice President, Biogas Business, Gasum.

Gasum biogas is a renewable Finnish biofuel. Using biogas as a road fuel is the easy way to reduce carbon dioxide and particulate emissions. It is the only road fuel sold in Finland to have been awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol as well as the Nordic Ecolabel. Not only is biogas environmentally friendly, it is also an affordable road fuel.


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