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Biogas retail sales to Suomen Kaasuenergia

Biogas distribution sales agreements will be transferred to Suomen Kaasuenergia. Gasum Ltd has sold its biogas distribution sales agreements to Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy on June 1, 2018. The arrangement will result in Gasum selling biogas to Suomen Kaasuenergia, which will offer biogas directly to biogas distribution customers. Gasum will still continue to supply biogas to its wholesale customers and gas distribution sellers in Finland.

In addition to the agreement between Gasum and Suomen Kaasuenergia on biogas distribution, the companies will promote the awareness of biogas and the Biogas Label and the sales of biogas. The companies have also set the objective increasing the share of biogas in Suomen Kaasuenergia gas networks.

The Gasum strategy is to expand the gas market and build a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea in the changing operating environment together with its partners.

For further information please contact:

Jukka Metsälä, Vice President, Biogas, Gasum
Phone: +358 40 5633 756, firstname.surname(a)

Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy is a Finnish energy company that sells and delivers clean and efficient natural gas and biogas to industry, property developers, housing companies, restaurants and consumers. The company believes in the competitiveness of natural gas and biogas as clean fuels that are unbeatable for a variety of applications. The retail and distribution business operations of Suomen Kaasuenergia are divided into three companies. Suomen Kaasuenergia is responsible for gas sales, Auris Kaasunjakelu for gas distribution and Auris Energiaratkaisut for industrial and property heating solutions. The companies operate in 13 cities in Southern Finland and are the biggest retailers and distributors of gas in Finland. In 2017, the companies’ total combined turnover was around €35 million.