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Made with Finnish biogas


Environmentally friendly biogas used in facade renovation of historic Helsinki restaurant Katajanokan Kasino

Taking place in spring 2018, the facade renovation of a valuable historic Helsinki property, the Katajanokan Kasino restaurant, will involve using Finnish 100% renewable biogas as the temporary heating source during the renovation period. Compared with oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), biogas is a more environmentally friendly and convenient solution for heating during construction.

Biogas can be used in diverse ways in industry, homes and restaurants, and its use has also become more common in temporary heating during construction. In addition to Katajanokan Kasino, biogas has been utilized in the construction of properties including the REDI shopping Centre to be completed this year.

Natural gas and biogas are an easy choice for heating during construction if there is a gas pipeline in or close to the building or if a gas connection is planned for the property under construction. ”Katajanokan Kasino already had a gas connection that could be used to provide gas energy for the facade renovation, too. Our customer doesn’t need to worry about fuel orders as the gas comes straight from the pipeline and will not run out,” says Antti Kahilakoski, Sales Manager, from Suomen Kaasuenergia. Suomen Kaasuenergia customers can access biogas in 13 cities in Southern Finland.

The facade renovation is conducted by Etelä-Suomen Julkisivupalvelu, and Site Foreman Marko Mäkisyrjä says that gas is a safe and practical choice for a worksite: ”Gas is safer than, for example, heating oil as any oil contamination in soil is harmful to the environment. Gas combustion also generates moisture, which is a good thing for rendering work. There’s also continuous on-site access to gas, while with heating oil or LPG you have to change the tanks every now and then.”

In temporary heating, the installation work takes place with hoses that enable to find the easiest routes in the constantly changing site environment. Gasum Technical Services takes care of the rental, installations and maintenance of the heating appliances and gas hoses to be connected to the gas pipeline for temporary heating purposes. “Natural gas and biogas can be supplied to the site easily and flexibly from an existing gas connection. A new gas connection can also be built if so requested by the customer. Biogas is absolutely the greener way of taking care of temporary heating during construction,” Vappu Vanhala, Sales Director, Technical Services, from Gasum points out.

After the renovation of the facade of Katajanokan Kasino, the plan is to also use natural gas and biogas for the renovations of two other historic Helsinki city center buildings, Hotel Kämp and Erottaja 1–3. These properties also have an existing gas connection that can be used for the supply of gas energy for the facade renovation.

“Biogas is a fully renewable and Finnish fuel, and its use does not generate any local emissions at all, which improves urban air quality. We are living in an era where ecological choices are more important than ever, and the use of biogas has increased considerably in the past few years. That’s something we are very happy about,” says Gasum Sales Manager Max Miilakangas. Gasum biogas has been awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol as well as the Nordic Ecolabel.

For more information please contact:

Marko Mäkisyrjä, Site Foreman, Etelä-Suomen Julkisivupalvelu,
phone +358 40 821 4551,

Antti Kahilakoski, Sales Manager, Suomen Kaasuenergia,
phone +358 40 352 0321,

Max Miilakangas, Sales Manager, Gasum,
phone +358 40 068 6814,

Vappu Vanhala, Sales Manager, Gasum,
phone +358 40 834 8154,

Etelä-Suomen Julkisivupalvelu Oy was established in 1994 and specializes in ornamental property facade renovations and all related repair and alteration work. The company’s strengths are its solid experience, supply security and high-quality work.

Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy is a Finnish energy company that sells clean and efficient natural gas and biogas to industry, building contractees, housing companies, restaurants and consumers. The company believes in the competitiveness of natural gas and biogas as clean fuels that are unbeatable for a variety of applications and invests heavily in their sales and well as in developing heating solutions. Suomen Kaasuenergia operates in 13 cities in Southern Finland and provides gas in a more extensive area than any other company. Suomen Kaasuenergia takes care of gas sales, while Auris Kaasunjakelu handles the distribution of gas. The turnover forecast of the companies for 2017 is around €40 million. 

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector expert. Together with its partners, Gasum is building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Technical Services business serves industry, gas distribution companies, properties, housing companies, construction companies and restaurants in all aspects relating to natural gas, biogas and LNG usage solutions. Gasum Technical Services offers services covering the entire lifecycle of gas systems from initial review to more specific determination and design, construction and installation as well as commissioning and maintenance work.