Fill up with biogas at a monthly price in 2018

Gasum aims to grow the use of renewable fuel in traffic in line with Finland's national climate and energy strategy announced in 2016. There is a growing demand for more renewable energy on Finnish roads and biogas is one of the most attractive alternatives to traditional fuels. Consequently, we will extend the hugely popular monthly pricing model for biogas into 2018 subject to new campaign terms and conditions.

New campaign terms and conditions

Gasum offers private customers and drivers of company cars with limited company car benefit the chance to buy biogas at a fixed monthly price of €89 a month. The campaign will run from January 2 to December 31, 2018 and is

A) for new passenger cars (or cars that have been driven a maximum of 6,000 km or that have been used on the road for less than 6 months) ordered from a car dealer,

B) gas-driven passenger cars imported privately or by a car dealer and registered in Finland for the first time and which were originally used on the road at the earliest on January 1, 2010 (EURO5) or later and

C) passenger cars which have been converted to using natural gas and were used on the road at the earliest on January 1, 2003 (EURO4) or later.

The campaign benefit is valid for 12 months from the date of activating the fixed monthly price. The monthly price applies to fill-ups at all Gasum's gas filling stations in Finland up to an annual limit of around 50,000 kilometers of driving. The monthly price covers an average volume of 190 kg a month evened out over the entire length of the customer's campaign period. This volume equates to more than 4,200 kilometers of driving a month.

Check out the campaign here

Why drive a gas vehicle?

  • Biogas is a 100% renewable Finnish fuel, which is produced from household and retail waste

  • Biogas is more affordable than gasoline and has lower emissions

  • Gas cars also have a gasoline tank, so there's no fear of being stranded on the road

  • With gasoline and gas together, a gas vehicle has a range of around 1,300 km depending on the car model

  • You can already find gas filling stations across Finland and over the next few years we will open 35 more

For more information, please contact:
Customer service, Gasum
Phone: 0800 122 722

Jani Arala, Senior Manager Sales, Biogas, Gasum
Phone: 044 054 8583