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Finnish small enterprise competencies showcased in Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra competition themed on smart everyday living – Gasum congratulates the winners

Combining the environmental and consumer perspectives opens up new business opportunities for enterprises and is vital for success in today's markets. Organized by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the enterprise competition themed on smart everyday living (Fiksu arki) looked for small Finnish enterprises whose product or service helps consumers make sustainable everyday choices. Gasum was represented in the competition jury.

Ten small Finnish businesses were selected as winners of this year’s smart everyday living (Fiksu arki) enterprise competition. Each of the winners will receive assistance for commercialization as well as financial support and the chance to partner with a larger company in the development program.

”The aim of the development program is to develop competitive products and services that reduce environmental impacts from people’s everyday lives and respond to consumer needs. The main focus is on the development and commercialization of new front-end products and services. This way we’ll get new solutions for the market and hopefully also more companies with international potential as well,” says Markus Terho, Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life, Sitra.

The competition had a general category and four categories relating to the main fields of the companies’ solutions. The category themes were housing, mobility, food, and goods & services. This year’s winners help consumers make more sustainable everyday choices by, for example, facilitating the sharing and renting of goods, carpooling, utilizing food waste and providing information about the origin of products.

”The smart everyday living competition offers small enterprises an excellent opportunity to develop sustainable everyday solutions in partnership with a larger company. The competition proved yet again how diverse and innovative the ideas generated by small Finnish companies can be. As a circular economy forerunner, it was a great pleasure for Gasum to have a front-row seat to assess the competition entries, and I believe we’ll be hearing a lot more about the participating enterprises in the future,” says Gasum Vice President for Strategy Juha Häkämies, who was one of the members of the competition jury.

The ten best enterprises in the competition will be included in the #Fiksuarki development program. Each winner will get to partner with a larger company, receive support for the development and consumer trials of their solution as well as €10,000 for development work. In addition to Gasum, the competition partners and jury members comprise Fazer, IKEA, K-Group, OP, Paulig, Realia Group, SATO,, Valio, Viking Line and YIT.

The smart everyday living enterprise competition was open from October 23 to December 4, 2017 and received a total of 87 entries. According to the jury, the abundance of the innovative solutions entering the competition is proof of Finland already having products and services that help consumers make sustainable choices. The development program launched after the competition will promote the spread of these budding solutions.

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