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Skangas delivers LNG to Porin Prosessivoima for energy production in Kaanaa industrial park

The LNG company Skangas and the energy company Porin Prosessivoima Oy have entered into an agreement on the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the production of steam and heat in Kaanaa Industrial Park, Pori, Finland. The LNG will be delivered in the gaseous form to the energy company via a Skangas connection pipeline from the Pori LNG terminal.

”Our aim is to be a frontrunner in energy solutions. We take the impacts on the surrounding natural environment into account in all of our activities and develop measures on the basis of the principle of continuous improvement. Porin Prosessivoima is committed to the continuous improvement of its operations in energy-efficiency issues. Liquefied natural gas is a competitive and clean fuel from the environmental perspective. Compared with other fuels, gas is easy to use and we make savings in operational costs,” says Porin Prosessivoima Managing Director Timo Mäki.

”It’s great to develop our cooperation with Porin Prosessivoima. We offer environmentally friendly LNG conveniently from the Pori LNG terminal via a direct connection pipeline to the energy company. Liquefied natural gas is a very low-emission and flexible fuel in energy production. It’s an excellent alternative for energy production and industrial needs but also as a maritime transport and heavy-duty road vehicle fuel,” says Skangas Sales Manager Jouni Bedda.

LNG is an environmentally friendly fuel that does not contain any sulfur. LNG can replace the use of fuels such as coal and oil-based fuels in industry, energy production as well as maritime and road transport. LNG is an easy and flexible way to achieve considerable reductions in fine particulate, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from energy production.

For further information please contact:
Timo Mäki, Managing Director, Porin Prosessivoima Oy 
Phone: +358 44 701 2170

Jouni Bedda, Key Account Manager, Skangas
Phone: +358 40 744 2870