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Energy sector transformation strengthens Gasum’s expertise in the energy market

The energy sector, which has traditionally been clear, cyclical, predictable and slow-moving, has suddenly become both a multi-dimensional and multi-problematic market. Drastic policy changes, for example, with regards to the acceptability and future of different energy forms, are increasing globally. Currently, there are no indications that the number of policy changes, or their effectiveness, are likely to decline. It is also believed that the trend towards projects which are considered the most beneficial towards people and nature, will be utilised in the long term, because they save energy, natural resources and reduce emissions.

The energy sector and the gas market are currently undergoing a heavy transformation due to, among other things, climate change, energy efficiency, more demanding and environmentally conscious consumers, and digitalisation. The most enlightened consumers want to more closely follow the carbon footprint of the energy they acquire, in terms of how and where the energy is produced, and thus demonstrate their commitment to a carbon-neutral future. At the same time, they also want to buy energy cost-effectively.

In this complex energy market, the formulation of a comprehensive and understandable image becomes more burdensome and challenging. It is the job of Gasum Energy Market Services to translate this changing world into understandable cause-and-effect relationships, and to use this information to serve customers in their energy-related needs.

Gasum Energy Market Services act as an expert help for customers

Amid the changes, Gasum wants to make it easy to trade in the markets, regardless of the energy form. Market experts are working for the customers around the clock. Real-time data sharing and rapid responses are important when trading in an energy market, where prices might fluctuate from one hour to the next, and are even dependent on the weather.

"Our business idea is simple. We minimise the worries, troubles, and uncertainties of our customers’ energy issues. Our experts provide our customers with a well-thought-out and clearly written market view. We help anticipate and manage risks in the short and long term, so that other work and decision-making at the customer’s end will be easier," states Ville Pesonen, Head of Energy Market Services, Gasum.

The energy market, and the whole energy sector, is an extremely complex system, in which everyone, in one way or another, is dependent on each other at every moment. For example, the power generated to the grid must match precisely with the current consumption from the grid. In order to ensure a sufficient supply of electricity in all seasons and in all weather conditions, we need diversified production and insight into the profitability of each way of producing energy and its role now and in the future. Similarly, if thinking from the point of view of the electricity users, sometimes it may be more profitable to leave electricity unused than to use it.

"We are proud that we can help our customers in these reflections every day," Pesonen continues.

Energy Market Services help customers towards carbon neutrality

Gasum Energy Market Services is also an expert in the EU Emissions Trading System and Guarantees of Origin. This represents one of the ways how the service is able to help customers to take steps towards a carbon neutral future.

The emissions trading system is a guiding mechanism created by the EU to reduce and monitor emissions within the EU. Large industrial plants and heat producers, as well as air transport within the EU are, for example, included in the emissions trading system. The price of an allowance in the system is formed in the same way as any other commodity. This requires active market monitoring and calculated risk management.

Energy Market Services also purchase Guarantees of Origin, the certificates evidencing the origin of electricity, on their customer’s behalf. With the help of the Guarantees, the favouring of Nordic hydro and wind power, for example, becomes easier.

"We help our customers choose cleaner and smarter. Voluntary offsetting can also be done through us. With our help, the customer can be sure that the environmental impact and corporate responsibility are taken care of,” says Pesonen.

In the last few years, Gasum has made a systematic effort to extend its expert services to the wholesale energy markets. This enables Gasum to create a broader product offering and support for decision-making for the customers. Gasum is strongly involved in the transformation of the energy sector and responds to its partners’ needs for a complete service in the energy market both today and in the future.

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