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LNG offers a solution for cleaner maritime transport – Gasum attends the biggest shipping event in Sweden

The demand for cleaner fuel options is increasing rapidly in the traffic and marine sectors. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) offers a cost-effective and low-emission alternative for the maritime industry, helping ships meet global environmental targets. Energy company Gasum will be present at the Donsö Shipping Meet, DSM19, 3–4 September. Together with the entire Swedish maritime cluster, Gasum contributes to elevating Swedish shipping in the international arena.

Maritime transport plays a significant role in the global logistics network, and the need to cut emissions from shipping is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. LNG is the cleanest available marine fuel that is rapidly becoming more commonly used as a cost-effective alternative. LNG meets all the current and forthcoming regulations set out by the IMO and the EU, including the requirements set by the Sulphur Directive regulating shipping emissions, as well as the stricter emission limits to be applied in the future.

Gasum will be present at the Donsö Shipping Meet, DSM19, held on the island of Donsö during 3–4 September. The biggest shipping event in Sweden hosts delegates and representatives from all over the world, with the joint focus of discussing sustainability and future recruiting, among other topics.

“Gasum is the leading LNG distributor in the Nordics offering a cost-effective, functional fuel solution for maritime transport with low emissions and a guaranteed security of supply. It is natural for us to be part of the discussion about the future opportunities and challenges faced by today’s vessel operators,” says Jacob Granqvist, Sales Director, Gasum.

For shipowners, switching to LNG means the complete removal of sulphur and particles, as well as a reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions of up to 87%. LNG also reduces CO2 emissions by more than 20%. The in-use carbon dioxide emission reduction achieved is at least 9% compared with marine diesel.

Choosing LNG enables an automatic switch to a sustainable future fuel, liquefied biogas (LBG), without any additional investments. It is suitable for all vessel types, including ferries, passenger ships, tankers, bulk, supply and containerships.

On September 4th at 10.00, Sales Director Jacob Granqvist, Gasum, will take the stage at the DSM19 to talk about “The environmental focus of shipping”. With more than 20 years’ experience in the maritime, shipping and energy industries, Granqvist has in-depth knowledge of the challenges and trends affecting the marine industry of today.

Furthermore, you can meet Gasum at the exhibition at booth number B02 throughout the two-day event.

See you at Donsö Shipping Meet 2019


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The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert. We offer cleaner energy for combined heat and power production and industry as well as cleaner fuel solutions for maritime and road transport. We support our customers to decrease their own carbon footprint and that of their customers. Together with our partners, we are building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.