Actions taken by Gasum in response to COVID-19

At energy company Gasum we are constantly monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and updating our emergency preparedness plans and guidelines to our personnel and suppliers. The safety of our employees and partners is of utmost importance to us. We make every effort to secure the sourcing and distribution of gas and safe logistics.

Gasum is involved in society’s critical functions, such as energy supply, recycling and waste management services as well as fuel distribution for road and maritime transport. To safeguard these functions during the epidemic, contingency plans have been drawn up for these functions as regards production, sourcing and logistics in particular.

We constantly hold an open dialog with our suppliers and employees to ensure continuity in all operations. The Gasum COVID-19 working group follows the developments in the coronavirus situation as well as the guidelines provided by the authorities and also distributes information and best practices within our company. We prevent infection by observing strict rules concerning work arrangements, minimized physical contact, hand hygiene and cleaning.

If you have any further questions, please contact your sales or other contact person at Gasum.

More information:

Switchboard, Gasum Group
Finland: +358 20 4471
Sweden: +46 13 46 50885
Norway: +47 52 97 9200 

Customer service, Gasum Group
Finland: +358 800 122 722, customerservice@gasum.com
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Norway: +47 52 97 9200, kundeservice@gasum.com