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All Gasum’s filling stations can be now found from one application – The Gasum Driver app serves both private and professional drivers

Gasum’s new Gasum Driver app is a mobile application that serves both private and professional drivers at home and on the road. Our app makes it easy to find the nearest gas filling station, check the stations’ possible outages, and more.

Gasum has developed a new filling station app to ease up the everyday life of their customers. The Gasum Driver app lists all of Gasum’s light and heavy-duty traffic gas filling stations in both Sweden and Finland. Additionally, the app lists other operators gas filling stations in Finland (compressed and liquefied gas) and Sweden (liquefied gas). 

With the application, the user can find the location of the nearest station to them, or along their journey with the help of a map application if needed. The app can be downloaded free of charge from both the Apple App Store and Android’s Play store.

The Driver App serves both private and professional drivers. The user can filter whether they are looking for a station that offers compressed gas (CNG/CBG) or liquefied gas (LNG/LBG).

The Gasum Driver App also provides information on prices, outages and filling instructions.

In addition to the locations of stations, the Driver App shows up-to-date prices and possible outages or maintenance breaks at the stations. With the application the customer can also order be notified about sudden outages from the stations of their choice. The notification settings can be modified so that the notifications come only from designated stations or from stations that are closest to the user at the time.

Previously, Gasum’s customers have been able to order notifications on outages via text message. The text message service will continue to operate together with Driver App. However, the user can choose to move to notifications in the application if wanted. Because of its many features, the application is more dynamic than the text message service. With it, a user can choose to modify the notification settings easily according to their present needs.

Through the Driver App the user can also easily contact Gasum’s customer service. From the application, users can find a contact form for non-urgent matters and a direct phone number to customer service for more urgent issues.

In addition, the Gasum Driver App provides instructions for filling at Gasum’s stations. Gasum’s customer service receives many inquiries regarding filling, especially from newer and inexperienced customers. For these valued customers, the application holds instruction videos for filling with compressed gas and liquified gas.

Gasum continues the development of the Driver App and its digital services

The Gasum Driver App continues this development of its digital services to the direction of first users of gas cars. The trajectory also contains an electronic portal for corporate clients which was launched in the beginning of the year 2021.

The Driver App has been developed based on customer feedback. Feedback will also be taken into consideration in the future when further developing the application and when making development plans for digital services.

More information:

Gasum customer service, tel. +358 800 122 722, customerservice@gasum.com